May 1, 2018

Exciting Prehistoric Find at Loch Ryan

Nic Coombey, Solway Coastwise Coordinator, had a surprise when he stumbled across what might be a prehistoric bone on a walk along a beach at Loch Ryan.


Nic, who works for Solway Firth Partnership, was out on the coast when he noticed an unusual bone lying near the water's edge in Stranrear.  He immediately thought that it could be the leg bone of a prehistoric animal such as a woolly mammoth or rhinoceros.


Nic says, "This is a really exciting find! I normally look for interesting stories about place names along the Solway coast but this time it's a bit of a mystery!


I've been in touch with the museum services and am now waiting to hear back on what they think the animal could be."


Nic and Prehistoric Bone


Anyone who would like to more about the Solway Coastwise Project can contact Nic at

Solway Firth Partnership