Apr 23, 2018

Keep a Look Out for Carpet Sea Squirt

Storm Emma has caused  considerable damage to Holyhead marina rising to the potential spread of the marine invasive non-native species Carpet Sea Squirt, Didemnum vexillum to the Solway shore. 


On 2 March, storm Emma caused significant damage to Holyhead Marina in North Wales. Clean-up operations followed and are on-going.

As part of clean-up operations, actions are being taken to reduce any potential environmental impacts that may occur as a result of this incident.


An advice note has been produced by Natural Resources Wales.  If you find any evidence of carpet sea squirt on the English side of the Solway follow the advice on this advice note, click here to download.


All sightings of possible debris on the Scottish side of the Solway should be reported to the Scottish Environment and Rural Services (SEARS) telephone number08452 30 20 50or email:


Or if you do see any polystyrene debris with Carpet Sea Squirt attached you can contact SFP by e-mail ( with a photograph.



 D vex

Solway Firth Partnership