Mar 15, 2018

Good Fish Guide – latest fish ratings online now

Marine Conservation Society have just updated their Good Fish Guide with some exciting new additions to the green rated 'Best Choice' list. 


Marine Conservation Society (MCS) now rate megrim, turbot, pollack, lemon sole, and queen scallop from some sources as best choices, whilst some fisheries for red mullet, wild seabass and Atlantic bigeye tuna move onto the red 'Avoid'  list.


With Brexit fisheries talks about to start, we think it's time to swap our traditional UK Top Five species consumed (Cod, Tuna, Salmon, Haddock and Prawns) with local and sustainable alternatives which will help to look after our oceans.          


It makes sense – local means lower food miles, it's tasty and fresh, a boost for local economy, and there's better traceability so you know what you're paying for.


By choosing more sustainable sources and keeping it local, you can also help reduce wasting wild caught fish that are discarded dead because they have low value.             


Check out the MCS Good Fish Guide Fish - online, smartphone app or in a paper pocket version.


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