Feb 8, 2018

Scottish Government Considers New Protected Areas for Marine Life

The Scottish government has just announced that it is considering the creation of four new marine protected areas (MPAs) around its coastline, which will now go out for public consultation.


Whilst whales and dolphins are ‘strictly protected’ in all Scottish waters, Scotland contains some areas where significant aggregations of both species occur and these areas are essential to important activities such as raising calves, feeding and breeding. Oversight of all activities in these areas will ensure that minke whales, Risso’s dolphins and other species that rely on these important habitats can thrive.


The four proposed areas are:

North East Lewis proposed MPA (includes Risso's dolphins)
Sea of the Hebrides proposed MPA (includes minke whales)  
Southern Trench proposed MPA (includes minke whales)
Shiant East Bank proposed MPA


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