Feb 8, 2018

SMILE Project Begins

Updating the 1996 ‘Solway Firth Review’


The Solway Firth is a unique cross border ecosystem shared and enjoyed by both Scottish and English residents, as well as visitors from around the world. The aim of the Solway Marine Information, Learning and Environment (SMILE) Project is to update the 1996 ‘State of the Solway Review’. The original review provided information on the natural and manmade features of the Solway.  Scottish Government recently published its first Marine Atlas and National Marine Plan and building on the information used in that, we want to make an online Solway-specific Review. We believe that a lot has changed in the past 20 years and that now is the time to update what we know.


With the UK now well underway with marine planning, we believe an updated Solway Review will be a useful information source, to both locals and professional organisations alike. The Officer for the Project, Emma Baruah, will be getting to know local stakeholders on both sides of the estuary to find out information that will go into the new Review. 


Speaking about the start of SMILE, the Project Officer, Emma Baruah said “Come along and have a chat at the Dumfries Environment Fair on Saturday 10th March 10 am-3 pm to find out more and to let us know your thoughts and vision for the Solway!” Dumfries Environment Fair 2018:





The SMILE Project runs from January 2018 to December 2020. For further information contact Emma Baruah on 01387 702362 or at


The SMILE Project is a funded by the Scottish Government and European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.



Solway Firth Partnership