Jan 8, 2018

Book Your Place at the Marine Planning Event

This Spring 2018 the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) will be engaging on the draft visions and options for marine planning in the north west (Iteration 2).   


The event will provide the ideal opportunity for you to check progress towards the development of the plans. The engagement will focus on:


 - draft marine plan area visions

 - draft options to address issues in each marine plan area

 - the next steps in marine planning  


The engagement period will take place between Monday 29 January 2018 and Thursday 29 March 2018.  It will include workshops, in each of the four marine plan areas supported by online engagement.


Whitehaven Harbour

The early opening of the online engagement will give you an opportunity to look at the materials for engagement prior to the workshops or provide your feedback online if you are unable to attend our events.

The workshops for the north west plan are:






North west


Beacon Portal


North west


Adelphi Hotel


NB: The workshops are full day events with lunch and refreshments provided. The workshops will all follow a similar structure, but with the main content (the draft vision and options to address issues) being varied between marine plan areas. As spaces at workshops are limited, we would appreciate it if you would avoid holding places and only book for your chosen workshop in your preferred marine plan area.  All workshops will run from 9.30am-3.30pm.


To find out more please visit:


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