Jan 3, 2018

Fidra Winter News

Fidra, an environmental charity based in East Lothian, Scotland, has achieved recognition for its efforts to reduce microplastics, which are polluting our coastlines and seas. 

The Great Nurdle Hunt was celebrated as a huge success by winning the RSPB Nature of Scotland Award for best Marine Conservation Project. The award was presented to Sarah Archer and Madeleine Berg by Esther Villoria Dominguez, the Environmental and Consents Manager for Vattenfall. The Great Nurdle Hunt has also been featured as one of the ways to get involved with ocean conservation on the BBC's Blue Planet II website.


The Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition has produced a very useful report, highlighting the impacts of biobeads and how to distunguish them from the better known microbeads. The full report can be read here.


All Boots cotton buds are now made from paper! The health and beauty retailer has also updated their cotton bud ‘Do Not Flush’ logo. In a statement, Boots UK said: “There are increasing levels of concern about the amount of plastic waste entering rivers and oceans…Boots UK can confirm that by the end of 2017 it will cease to manufacture cotton buds with plastic sticks and replace them with sticks made from rolled paper”.


To download the full details of Fidra's recent accomplishments, click here.

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