Sep 1, 2014

Seafish Inshore Fisheries Project

Work on a series of projects supporting Scottish inshore fisheries research was announced recently and fishermen are being invited to get involved.  The aim is to support the future sustainability of the industry by working in partnership with fishermen through the Inshore Fisheries Groups.


The European Fisheries Fund (EFF) is providing funding through Seafish to support seven research projects which will take place over the next year.  The projects aim to benefit inshore fisheries by addressing key knowledge gaps including establishing the location and footprint of fishing activities, improving catch data to enable stock assessments, improving local market opportunities for inshore fisheries and developing an information resource base for inshore fisheries management.


Local fishermen are invited to attend a meeting in Kirkcudbright on Friday 12 September to find out more about this work including the opportunity to test the Succorfish vessel monitoring and communication system. The technology will be installed on up to 300 vessels operating within west coast IFG areas at no cost to the skipper/owner and the equipment can be kept at the end of the project in 2015.


Short film clips with information about how the Succorfish system is being used in some other areas can be can be seen by following the links:


To find out more about the Seafish Inshore Fisheries Project please contact:

Kyla Orr - Seafish Inshore Fisheries Project Facilitator (West Coast Scotland)

01599 544739



To register to attend the meeting on 12 September please contact:

Pam at Solway Firth Partnership

01387 251991

Solway Firth Partnership