Nov 23, 2017

Vacancy for Chief Executive at Crown Estate Scotland

An unique opportunity to lead a new public corporation tasked with managing land and property (terrestrial and marine) to deliver revenue and capital growth and wider socio-economic and public benefits.


Crown Estate Scotland began operating on 1 April 2017 and manages assets on behalf of Scottish Ministers, including agricultural and forestry land, most of the seabed, just under half of the foreshore and some commercial property.  We work with communities, tenants and partners to deliver our vision of innovating with land and property to create prosperity for Scotland and its communities.  We return all revenue profit to Scottish Government.


Crown Estate Scotland is a self-financing public corporation, in contrast to most public bodies, and operates with a high degree of autonomy on a commercial basis, including taking decisions on purchases, leases and sales of a portfolio of capital assets totalling £275.7 million.


As Chief Executive, you will provide strong leadership through a period of ongoing change until new legislative changes are passed by the Scottish Parliament and implemented (expected 2020), and then beyond. As Accountable Officer, you will demonstrate the capability to deliver commercial success, ensure robust performance management and reporting, and effectively lead organisational change.


Candidates should expect their salary on appointment to be in line with the Scottish Government pay policy for senior appointments.  Salary terms of appointment for an existing Civil Servant would be within the normal rules for appointment on level transfer or promotion. 


Please note that interviews for this post will take place in Edinburgh on 9 and 10 January 2018.


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