Nov 16, 2017

Marine INNS Survey Completed in Stranraer Marina

Solway Firth Partnership carried out a survey within Stranraer Marina and Portpatrick Harbour over the summer to determine whether marine invasive non-native species were present.


In the UK marine environment Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) have the potential to pose a significant threat to native marine biodiversity and commercial interests. 


The major pathways by which marine INNS are introduced include shipping, recreational boating, aquaculture stock movements and natural dispersal. Once INNS have established in a marine environment, they are very difficult or even impossible to eradicate as many filter-feeding marine invertebrate animals live attached to solid surfaces and, along with algae, may be spread along coastlines marina-to-marina as fouling growth on the hulls of leisure craft. For this reason early detection and monitoring of marine INNS introduction is crucial. 

Solway Firth Partnership started monitoring within Stranraer Marina in 2016 and, this summer, successfully refined the methodology using multi-surfaced settlement panels.


The results of the survey carried out in summer 2017 are available here

Solway Firth Partnership