Oct 10, 2017

History & Heritage of the Bogs & Peatlands of Cumbria

A partnership of local organisations have come together to run this two day event exploring the fascinating but under-appreciated history and cultural aspects of peat bogs  in and around Cumbria and the surrounding areas. 


The conference will take place on 1 to 2 November 2017 at Burgh-by-Sands Parish Hall, Armsmead House, near Carlisle.  It will involve and engage local people as well  as professionals, and there will be a published volume from the two days.


The meeting will suit all those interested in peat bogs, peat landscapes, and their history, heritage and restoration. 


Themes and topics include:

  • The history of peat bogs and peatlands  
  • The history of peat harvesting and usage  
  • The oral history and memories  
  • The heritage of peat cutting – tools, equipment, buildings, etc  
  • The historic records  
  • The archaeology of peat-cut sites  
  • The conservation of peat cutting heritage  


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Solway Firth Partnership