Sep 26, 2017

MMO Marine Plan Update

The Marine Planning Newsletter September 2017 has provided an update on the NW Marine Plan including a summary of Iteration 1 engagement.


Over 300 stakeholders from a wide range of organisations attended the workshops on the Iteration 1 engagement, representing an array of national and local stakeholders, whilst 50 participated online or by email.

The engagement gathered stakeholder views on common issues and possible common policy responses to address them.  User Stories were also gathered on how stakeholders would like:

  1. to use a marine plan
  2. to be engaged during development of the marine plans
  3. marine plans to be displayed (including a possible digital format)

All input was recorded and collated to feed into the development of Iteration 2 products of the marine planning process in the north west, north east, south west and south east.  

See the Marine Planning Itinerary Engagement Summary

Solway Firth Partnership