Aug 28, 2017

Wet Wipes Turn Nasty When you Flush Them

Now's the time to STOP sewage and unflushables on our beaches! 


The labelling on wet wipes is misleading, so they end up getting flushed down the loo. Then, they team up with fats, oils and greases to make giant 'fatbergs'. Some are as big as a double decker bus, blocking our sewers.


After heavy rain, raw sewage then has nowhere to go so can end up in our seas and on our beaches.


If you piled up skips full of all the unflushable stuff found in our sewers, it could reach as high as Everest.

The Marine Conservation Society's (MCS) Great British Beach Clean has found a 700% increase in wet wipes on our beaches in the last decade, with almost 14 wet wipes per 100m. These wipes can be mistaken for food by all sorts of precious marine life.

It is just over one week to go until MCS hand their petition for clearer wet wipe labelling to the trade organisation Edana.


Please help them get to 10,000 signatures for greater impact!


Have your say and stand up for our seas.

Solway Firth Partnership