Jul 25, 2017

New SNH Position Statement on Marine Planning

SNH have now issued their Position Statement on Marine Planning.


SNH has long advocated the need for an integrated and forward-looking marine planning system for Scotland’s seas. They therefore strongly welcomed the production of Scotland’s first National Marine Plan, which provides a policy framework for the phased delivery of eleven regional marine plans around Scotland.

Marine planning offers the potential to protect and enhance marine natural heritage, for its own sake and for the benefits it provides to the economy and society. For this reason, Scottish, UK and international commitments place marine planning at the heart of strategies for sustainable development, marine governance and nature.

SNH considers that significant progress and efficiencies can be made by embracing a forward-looking, ambitious and inclusive approach to strategic marine planning, with an adaptive framework that allows an effective response to changing circumstances (including climate change). Such a vision of marine planning allows a modern approach to marine governance, to enable an integrated and balanced approach to the sustainable development, use, enjoyment and management of our seas.


Download the Position Statement here

Solway Firth Partnership