Jul 11, 2014

The Future of Sea Fisheries in Dumfries and Galloway

A study to provide a socio-economic profile of the sea fisheries and seafood sector in Dumfries and Galloway was carried out in 2013 and the final report has just been issued by Dumfries and Galloway Council who commissioned the work.


The aim of the study was to provide a better understanding of the value of sea fisheries and related processing and ancillary services to the local economy.


The report highlights that the Dumfries and Galloway fishing and seafood sector contributes something in the region of £20million to the local economy each year and provides employment for around 1,000 people. Despite this, the report notes the low profile of the sector in terms of local policy and planning leading to under-exploitation of the contribution the sector could make to tourism and under-investment in economic development.


Key issues identified include the need to retain seafood processing businesses which account for employment of around 600 people across the region; the need to support the scallop sector which also provides significant local employment; and the need to support smaller scale fisheries, processing and distribution businesses by making them more central to the branding of tourism within the region.


Solway Firth Partnership