Apr 19, 2017

Proposed New NWIFCA Byelaws

Two byelaws have been approved and made by the Authority.


In accordance with Defra’s byelaw making process the Authority must now advertise these byelaws and provide a 1 month consultation period before they can be signed by the Minister to bring them into force.




The Authority has made the following new byelaws:

PROHIBITION ON FOUL HOOKING 2017. This byelaw will prohibit the practice of foul hooking sea fish.  It will replace the current NW&NWSFC Byelaw 18 and Cumbria SFC Byelaw 17.


RESTRICTIONS ON THE USE OF A DREDGE 2017This byelaw will prohibit the use of dredges towed by vessels or vehicles for fishing within the NWIFCA District without a permit.  In addition the Authority may attach conditions which may be varied to promote sustainable exploitation of sea fisheries resource.


Copies of the byelaws in full may be obtained from NWIFCA, 1, Preston Street, CARNFORTH, Lancashire, LA5 9BY free of charge, or from Any person who wishes to object to the confirmation of these byelaws must send a statement of their objection in writing to the Marine Conservation and Enforcement Team, Marine Management Organisation, P.O. Box 1275, Newcastle, NE99 5BN (or, and the North Western IFCA at the above address (or within 28 days of the publication of this notice.


You can register as a stakeholder by visiting the NWIFCA website (address as above) and clicking on “Register as a Stakeholder” on the left-hand side of the Home page.  

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