Mar 9, 2017

MCS calls for a Deposit Return System in Scotland

Marine Conservation Society say "Now's the time to push Scottish Government to lead the way on tackling the plastic bottle problem".


Plastic bottles and cans are becoming more and more of a serious issue, filling our oceans and littering our beaches where they harm our wildlife. Plastics are even entering our food chain, and we don't yet know the effect this will have on us.

Plastic Bottles


We all need to take responsibility and do something about it - and we have an opportunity right now!

Marine Conservation Society are calling the public to email your MSP asking them to sign a motion that was put down on March 1st calling for a Deposit Return System.

Such systems have been known to reduce littering by 80%.

If you want to see a system where people across Scotland can return their bottles and cans in return for cash, please ask your MSP to support the motion.


For more information visit the MSC webpage by clicking here

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