Mar 7, 2017

New Green Wildlife Guide for Boaters

The Green Blue launched a new wildlife guide for boaters on Friday 3 March 2017 to coincide with and celebrate United Nations’ World Wildlife Day.


The UK has an amazing array of marine wildlife, from the magnificent basking shark and the bottlenose dolphin to the unmistakable puffin and stunning razorbill. It’s not uncommon for recreational boaters to come across these and other curious and charismatic creatures when they’re out on the water.


The Green Wildlife Guide for Boaters, the latest addition to The Green Blue’s suite of handy leaflets, is designed to advise boaters on how to get the best experience out of their wildlife encounters by acting responsibly and cautiously to minimize the risk of disturbance while keeping participants and their boats safe.


For more information visit the Green Blue's website by clicking here

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