Feb 7, 2017

Crown Estate Consultation

A Consultation on the Long Term Management of the Crown Estate in Scotland.


The Crown Estate in Scotland includes a diverse portfolio of property, rights and interests that influence many aspects of rural and coastal life in Scotland. This consultation is an opportunity to help shape the long term framework for the devolved management of the Crown Estate in Scotland and how the revenue should be used to benefit Scotland and communities. The Scottish Ministers intend to put in place a new legislative framework for management of Crown Estate assets - accountable to the Scottish Parliament and ensuring alignment with Scottish policy objectives. The new permanent framework can only be delivered once the transfer completes the devolution of legislative competence. The Scotland Act 2016 makes provision for this transfer but the transfer has not yet been completed.


This consultation focuses on the future purpose of the Crown Estate in Scotland and what changes are needed to the existing legislation to deliver that purpose.


This consultation seeks your views on how the Crown Estate in Scotland should be managed in future and what reforms are needed. Consultation responses will inform the policy on how this can best be achieved.


For more information and to take part in the consultation which closes on 29 March 2017 visit the Crown Estate website

Solway Firth Partnership