Jan 25, 2017

National Grid considers around 8,000 responses to power plant connection plan

Feedback is being considered as National Grid prepares the final plan for submission to Government.


National Grid has received around 8,000 responses to its plans to connect the proposed nuclear power station at Moorside into the electricity network. The feedback was received during a ten week consultation exercise which saw over 85,000 newsletters sent to homes across Cumbria and Lancashire and a series of 30 consultation events held along the proposed route of the new connection.


Robert Powell, Project Manager said: “We are very grateful to the people who took the time to give us their views on our plans. We know that this project stirs strong passions but we have to bear in mind that, ultimately, the cost of it will be borne by every single electricity bill payer in the country and we have to think carefully how we spend their money.


“We will now take the time to carefully consider all the feedback we’ve received to see if there are ways we can modify our proposals. Our intention is to formally apply to the Government this year for permission for the new connection to be built. Of course we would not build anything unless the Moorside power station proceeds.”


When National Grid submits its application the Planning Inspectorate then has 28 days to accept the application and decide if the company can proceed to the examination stage. If the Planning Inspectorate accepts the application, people wishing to be involved in the examination process will need to register their interest with the Planning Inspectorate. Those who have registered their interest will be invited by the Planning Inspectorate to submit views in writing and may be asked to speak at any public hearings that are held. The Planning Inspectorate will hold an examination. When this has finished it has three months to make a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy about whether the application should be approved. The Secretary of State then has a further three months to make a decision.


If approved, construction will start in 2019 so that it is completed by 2024 to meet first generation by Moorside.

Solway Firth Partnership