Jan 10, 2017

MMO Marine Plan Update

Following consultation on the issues with supporting evidence for the north west marine plan the MMO have published an issues with evidence database.


The database includes an overview of each issue, categorises them into key themes and provides details of supporting evidence gathered.

The database shows the range and complexity of marine issues that the different plan areas face, and will be used to develop the marine plan priorities and policies for the north west area.  You can view the database here


Developing the plans - consultation workshops on first products

In February and March the MMO will be consulting on the first products of the process that will lead to the development of the north west marine plans (“Iteration 1”).   

The consultation will take place between Friday 3 February and Friday 31 March 2017 and will include a short questionnaire, workshops and drop-in events. The consultation will be an opportunity to see the progress to date, to discuss and review common issues across all the four plan areas, some draft policies to start to address them, and area specific issues.

The MMO will also be asking for your views on taking a more digitally based approach for the plans, and how you will use the marine plans.

More details will be published in the coming weeks.


New evidence reports published

The MMO have recently published the following evidence reports to support the development of the north east, north west, south east and south west marine plans, and the South Marine Plan. 

Economic baseline assessment for the North East, North West, South East and South West marine plans (MMO1119): This report provides economic baseline information for the marine plan areas which will inform the development of the marine plans. This research is focused on economic activity within the plan areas, using the categories of industry set out in the Marine Policy Statement.

The MMO have also published a number of evidence requirements, including:


 - approaches for monitoring the impact of marine plans

 - the location, condition and features of significant sites for habitat creation or restoration

 - the baseline social environment of the English marine plan areas

 - seascape characterisation and visual impact in marine areas 

 - the baseline social and economic environment local to marine protected areas

 - the baseline economic environment of the English marine plan areas


For more information on the north west marine plan visit the MMO website

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