Jun 24, 2014

Website Guide to the Perfect Beach

Making the Most of the Coast Project has developed a web guide to help people explore the Solway coastline.

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder so the quality of a beach depends on your needs and interests. Fortunately Scotland’s south coast on the Solway Firth is long and varied meaning somewhere there is a beach perfect for you.

The sandy bathing beaches with shallow water featured in the guide are what most people seek as the best destination for a summer family outing. But, if you are searching for something different you do not have to look far. Remote bays, rocky outcrops, rugged cliffs or even vast stretches of merse (saltmarsh) and mud all have something to offer the adventurous explorer.

Take a look at the web pages, comment on your beach visit and post pictures of our wonderful beaches.

Solway Firth Partnership