Dec 6, 2016

Understanding the Solway's Conservation Designations

SACs, SPAs, SSSIs: what do they mean (and should we care)?


Ann Lingard has lived within sight of the Firth for about fifteen years and has grown to love it in all its moods. As a writer, she has written about the Solway or the shore, in articles and in two of her novels, and as a former university lecturer and research scientist, who occasionally ‘helped’ out with marine field courses, she's always enjoyed looking, exploring, and finding out more. 

Ann has now written about the conservation designations of the Solway on her website in her blog to try and help people understand why the estuary is so important.  As Ann says, "   Native and migrant wading birds don’t know about the borders, but they know that this great seascape of changing tides and rich mudflats and saltmarshes is where they want and need to be. Burrowing crustacea, worms and bivalve molluscs, samphire, sea-kale and pink thrift, the millions of microscopic animals and plants and algae that make up the densely-interwoven life of the Solway Firth – their lives depend on the intricacy and uniqueness of their three-dimensional surroundings.".


To read more visit Ann's website or visit her blog



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