Dec 1, 2016

Message in a Bottle

The Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) Message In A Bottle campaign is calling for a Deposit Return System for plastic and glass bottles and metal cans.  


In the UK we use a shocking 38.5 million plastic bottles and 59 million cans every day.  These types of containers make up 40% of all litter (by volume).  Deposit Return Systems across Europe regularly achieve more than 90% returns, trapping these containers in the recycling economy and protecting the environment. 


SAS are asking you to write to your MP calling on them to support the introduction of a Deposit Return System.  


SAS currently have an Early Day Motion on Deposit Return Systems in the House of Commons with nineteen MPs from seven different political parties supporting the motion.  Write to your MP asking them to support the Early Day Motion and call for the introduction of a Deposit Return System in the national litter strategies for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  


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