Oct 3, 2016

Marine Analytical Unit Users Survey

The Data and Statistics Team of the Marine Analytical Unit (MAU) would like feedback on the usefulness and quality of their statistical published outputs for sea fisheries data.


The questions cover the National Statistics publication, Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics, and the management information published on Marine Scotland's website. They are interested in your views on these products and services, how useful these are to you and where you see future needs.


The Unit would be very grateful if you could take 5 minutes to complete this short survey. The results will be stored anonymously and securely. They will analyse the feedback received and publish a report of the results on the Marine Scotland website towards the end of this year. This will help to shape the statistical published outputs to meet your needs.


Please respond to the survey by 11th November 2016 and share it with other internal or external users who may have an interest in this data.


Solway Firth Partnership