Aug 2, 2016

New Staff

The Solway Firth Partnership has appointed Emma Baruah as the new SIMCelt Project Officer, starting August 2016.


SIMCelt Project Officer –Background to the role


Organisations within the UK, Ireland and France are collaborating on an EU-funded project ‘Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Celtic Seas’ (SIMCelt).  The SIMCelt project is intended to facilitate the implementation of the EU Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in Member States’ marine waters and launch and carry out concrete, cross-border MSP between Member States in the north-eastern Atlantic. 


It involves a number of themes and specific case studies, designed to: Understand current and future potential demands relevant to transboundary areas and issues, including the analysis of key maritime sectors and marine conservation demands spanning marine area boundaries, consider access to data and data-specific barriers to transboundary cooperation, develop and rest approaches to stakeholder engagement within marine planning processes in relation to transboundary areas and issues abd consider potential options for transboundary cooperation in preparing maritime spatial plans.


One of the case studies will address cross-border and transboundary marine planning in the Solway Firth.  To build on established mechanisms for cross-border working in relation to coastal and marine management, the Solway Firth Partnership will facilitate the delivery of this case study for the SIMCelt project.

The Solway Firth is a single ecosystem at the boundary between Scotland and England that is subject to two pieces of primary legislation covering its geographic extent.  To the north of the Scotland/England border, the Marine Scotland Act 2010 requires a Scottish National Marine Plan to be published and enables the development of regional marine planning to add detail to specific geographic areas, known as Scottish Marine Regions. To the south, the Firth is the northern limit of the English Marine Management Organisation’s north-west Marine Planning Area. As set out in the UK Marine Policy Statement, the UK administrations are committed to the co-ordination of marine planning across administrative boundaries and have made it a requirement of their respective legislation.   


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