Jul 4, 2016

The MMO Call for Issues with Supporting Evidence

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) have just launched a ‘Call for Issues with Supporting Evidence’ for the north west marine plan area which includes the Solway. 


Identifying and understanding the opportunities and challenges for the marine plan areas is critical to developing meaningful and tailored marine plans. Local, specialist and industry knowledge is at the heart of this, and your contribution is essential.

The MMO would like to hear from you about what the opportunities, challenges and needs of the marine plan areas are over the next 20 years, and what supporting evidence is available.

The call opened on Thursday 30 June and closes on Friday 5 August.

The MMO have started to understand some of the issues for each marine plan area which are described in the issues information sheets here. Please read these before responding to the call. 



As part of the call a number of workshops are being held in July. The workshops begin in Newcastle on Tuesday 5 July, and take place across the marine plan areas ending in Colchester on Wednesday 27 July. For more details and to register your interest in a workshop please visit the Eventbrite pages


What is an issue?

An issue is an opportunity or a challenge to the marine plan area, that is likely to drive change (such as port infrastructure), or be affected by change (such as climate change) over the 20 years the marine plans cover.  It must also be something that can be addressed, at least in part, by marine planning.

Issues must be supported by evidence. Evidence includes a wide range of types and sources including:

 - social, economic or environmental data

 - academic research

 - government policy

 - expert opinion


The MMO have produced a series of issue information sheets which provide an overview of some of the opportunities and challenges that have been collected. The sheets are designed to inform your response to this call, providing examples and discussion points for the types of issues that could be addressed with their supporting evidence.


Marine planning evidence base

Evidence gathered as part of the development of the marine plans is published on the MMO marine planning evidence base.

The marine planning evidence base includes information submitted to support the development of the marine plans. It allows you to view and comment on existing spatial data, as well as providing more information on how to submit your own evidence. 


What next?

All issues and supporting evidence will be collated and considered by the marine planning team. The information gathered will be used to develop the issues and supporting evidence for each marine plan area. This information will be published for consultation in Autumn 2016.  
For more information or advice on issues and evidence, please email


Solway Firth Partnership