Jun 13, 2016

From Headwater to Headland - Improving Smolt Survival in Rivers and Estuaries

A conference, on Tuesday, 14th and Wednesday, 15th March 2017 at Berwick-Upon-Tweed, is being jointly organised by The Atlantic Salmon Trust and The Tweed Foundation to address the important issue of improving Salmon and Sea-trout smolt survival during the critical early stages of their migration, in rivers and in estuaries.


The Conference will examine the current state of scientific knowledge about smolt survival and consider the implications of this for the management of Salmon and Sea-trout, both in freshwater and in estuaries/ coastal waters. It will also seek to identify where managers can take practical action to reduce mortality and identify knowledge gaps relating to downstream smolt passage and smolt survival.


The event will cover such key issues as:

The impact on migrating smolts of delays to migration and of predation

The importance of ensuring that smolts leave the river in the best possible condition

Smolt behaviour and survival in estuaries and coastal waters


A Call for Papers will be issued shortly and full details of the event, with information on how to book, will be announced later in the summer. In the meantime, please save the event in your diaries. If you would like to express an interest, and make sure you are sent the details when they become available, please email Pamela Lowry -

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