Jun 10, 2016

Join the Big Seaweed Search

Contribute to research by recording seaweed species found on your local shore. 


UK coasts and shallow seas are nicknamed a "goldilocks" zone for seaweeds - it is not too hot, not too cold for them. In fact, conditions are just right! Over 650 species live and thrive around our shores.


But marine environments are changing – sea temperatures are increasing, sea levels are rising and the ocean is becoming more acidic, and this is affecting the distribution of different species of seaweed.


Marine Conservation Society want to know more about some of the seaweed species found in UK waters, identifying exactly where they are found and how this may change over time.


Here's where you come in - they want you to head to the coast this summer and start exploring!


It's easy to take part. A Big Seaweed Search guide explains what you need to do, and helps you to identify each of the seaweeds that are being focussed on. And you can complete the simple survey on a mobile, tablet or pc.


For more information visit the MCS website by clicking here

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