May 18, 2016

MPA Conservation Advice update - draft packages now available on DSS

Natural England has been working to improve their conservation advice packages for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and would like comments on them. 


Natural England is committed to improving the MPA conservation advice that they provide to marine users. They have established the MPA Conservation Advice Project to produce advice for every designated MPA in English Territorial Waters (0 – 12 nautical miles) to support Government to meet its objective of establishing a well-managed network of MPAs.


A number of new packages are now the first tranche of sites to be made available on the new Designated Sites System (DSS), along with the 15 formal packages which include the local sites:


Cumbria Coast MCZ

Drigg Coast SAC


Natural England (NE) are now inviting comment and feedback on the presentation of the advice on DSS. NE would appreciate your thoughts on the overall functionality of the system – i.e., how easy is it to use, how easy is it to find information, and any ideas for additional functionality that may improve how the system works. NE will review all comments and respond to inform all stakeholders of any amendments that are made to DSS. Please send all suggestions to the below mailbox.


If you have any questions or issues accessing packages please contact


Solway Firth Partnership