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30 Scottish Marine Protected Areas announced, new Luce Bay Special Area of Conservation habitat report published and information on a new draft Solway Firth Special Protection Area issued... Read more flower guide 2 resized homepage.jpg

Making the Most of the Coast Project has published a guide to 16 common wildflowers along the Solway  coastline from Common Glasswort on the mud flats to Thrift clinging to the cliffs. It includes stunning images and fascinating facts as well as easy-to-use key characteristics that help identification... Read More Slider.jpg

Scottish Government has published a draft document of Good Practice Principles For Community Benefits From Offshore Renewables which will be open for public consultation until the 21st August... Read more

What is Solway Firth


Solway Firth Partnership works to support a vibrant and sustainable local economy while respecting, protecting and celebrating the distinctive character, heritage and natural features of our marine and coastal area.


We do this by working with people on both sides of the Solway Firth and further afield on a wide range of projects. We also contribute to development of policies for management of the coast and sea. We aim to engage with as many people as possible to help ensure that local views shape the future of the area.



Making the Most

of the Coast

The edge where the land meets the sky is always a dynamic place and often one of the few remaining locations we can experience wild land. The seashore is a great place to help people of all ages and backgrounds gain new experiences by getting involved.


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Making the Most of the Coast is now at an end - Check out our project review publication...Download

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Making the Most of the Coast Project has developed a guide to help people explore the Solway coastline...More

The spring/summer issue of Tidelines is now available at selected outlets or can be downloaded here....More
Solway Firth Partnership